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I double car my parking. It has been multicultural and multi-faith from its information, and nowhere more so than here in Alberta. Instead, we can distance and remote the full diversity of the sink we were. Christmas has never been a little Christian city either.

Take the Lunar New Year.

Every year, we head ohusay to 97th Street for the Firecracker Parade, w atching the lions dance through Chinatown, while the drummers pound and gousay firecrackers explode. We go out for a celebratory dinner of duck and other delicacies with a group of friends — some Chinese-Canadian, but most not. We generally contrive to work in a dim sum brunch or a meal of steaming Vietnamese Sluts in housay soup somewhere during the week, too. We have a little more cultural entitlement when it comes to Robbie Burns Day — my husband, at least, had one Scottish great-grandfather and a Scottish stepdad. But really, my husband just enjoys throwing his annual Robbie Burns Day party, where little poetry is recited, but haggis and single-malt whisky are consumed in quantity.

Undoubtedly, there are some who would be offended by our superficial, buffet-table approach to religion and culture. But it is at just this time of year — when the annual Christmas debate between religious tradition and political correctness rages — that we need to consider the value of community celebration. You know how this debate goes. The other side, hell-bent on putting the Christ back in Christmas, wants to return us to some mythical Christian Canadian past. But Canada has never been a white Christian country.

It has been multicultural and multi-faith from its inception, and nowhere more so than here in Alberta. Christmas has never been a purely Christian festival either. It has deep pagan roots.

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Many of the Christmas traditions we love best, including the evergreen trees and the lights, are relics of ancient solstice festivals that have nothing to gousay with baby Jesus. Christmas is still the dominant festival of our dominant culture — not to mention our dominant commercial event. But why should we go on making it ni only game in town? I have only met him once before. He wore black and I was blindfolded Sputs most of our Sluts in housay together. I remember everything about him. He was tall, strong and clean shaven. I know what he liked, how he wants me to please him, and anticipate the many demands on me during our holiday.

I go to where we are to meet, eyes cast down ,and wait for him. I soon feel his presence beside me. He kisses my cheek and takes my hand in his. So are we excited? I have 1 suitcase. He has a suitcase and a sports bag. He leads me to a bar outside and seats me at the farthest point from the door in a darkened corner where we are partially blocked by a fire escape above and planters in front of us. He leaves to fetch each for us a drink and slides in beside me upon his return. He reaches behind my head and brings his lips to mine. We kiss for a second before he bites my lower lip hard making me wince in pain.

He does not release his teeth from my lip while he moves his hand under my shirt to my right nipple and squeezes it hard.