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With her Big Bang Theory debut, Kathy Bates made a quick reconnection with co-creator Chuck Lorre, heggeler she worked with on the r ecently cancelled Netflix comedy Disjointed. I can't imagine that Mrs. Henggsler will share the same pot-embracing habits as Bates' previous character, but she'll probably have some of her own noteworthy quirks and obsessions. Fool Us, and it seems like it would be wasting an opportunity if the show doesn't utilize his slight-of-hand talents. Alternately, since Teller is also a skeptic, maybe he could somehow prove one of Sheldon's ideas wrong, which would create more wedding drama than if Amy got cold feet.

The Big Bang Theory Finally Revealed Who's Playing Amy's Parents For The Big Wedding

While many of the Courtney henggeler mude Big Bang Theory characters have seen several different family members appear on the sitcom in the past, Amy Farrah Fowler has been a lone wolf, so to speak. But in a way, keeping Amy's parents away from fans for all these years just makes their impending arrival that much more important, and Mom and Dad's arrival should make Amy's day all the more We'll just have to wait and see. Speaking of other family members, the Big Bang finale will also introduce Sheldon's brother George whom fans have gotten to know on Young Sheldonwith Jerry O'Connell stepping in Adult George's shoes. And Sheldon's twin Missy and their mother Mary will be present as well, with Courtney Henggeler and Laurie Matcalf respectively reprising the roles.

Can we hope for some surprise visitors on top of everyone else? Although Bates, Teller and Hamill are enough to last through the summer hiatus.