Youre the most beautiful person ive ever met

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You have been warned! I'll just also say Youde both in our mmost, and we're busy, working young professionals. We've already msg'd each other a few times, and I asked for her. I asked her out after talking on the phone with her for almost 3 hours. I just let her talk, and at one point I even tried to go because my arm was getting tired of holding the phone, she wouldn't let me.


She asked, why do ,ost have to go? You have plans tonite? I was all "No", I just thought it was late, and maybe you wanted to get some sleep. Long story short, I called her 10pm to leave a msg I expected nothing. We ended up talking until almost 1am. This is a good sign, right? I'm honestly shocked at myself. I havent been on a date in over 2 years, and I've never expected this girl to even give me a chance. There were some odd moments however, which I'll outline below. As we discussed our first date plan - she suggested taking me to a day spa with her to get a massage and facial with her.

She suggested this as she does this weekly, and I could easily fit in to her busy schedule.

I was really weirded out by this suggestion, and somewhat taken aback. I made up excuses as to why I wouldnt be able to go. I countered by offering to take her out to dinner and maybe if time permitted, a walk around the Galleria Mall very nice, upscale shopping center here in Houston. Another good sign perhaps? From the pictures, I have seen on her website and her profile, she is very pretty. She was small, delicate and radiated love. Or, even—because she was drawn to me for some predestined reason. She never cared, though.

After the first semester, I took her class every year until I graduated from high school. She was a mother to me, and I felt like her favorite child. When I was a teenager, I looked forward to being at school for the sole purpose of not being home. Part of me felt like her class was home. Looking back on the rather miserable life I had at the time, she gave me the feeling of comfort. She loved me in a way that I had quite literally never felt. I wanted to be her. I wanted to be as strong as she was. I wanted to have the kind of impact on someone that she did on me.