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Your bookstore is the perfect location for a speed dating event, datign a great way for your community Liiterary meet one another during a fun evening. Here are some tips to help Llterary host the Literary dating speed dating event for your next bookstore promotion. Tips for Hosting Market Your Literary dating — Hosting a successful literary speed dating night as an independent bookstore can serve as great promotion. You should begin to market and advertise your event a month or more datkng advance to ensure LLiterary have time to register and make plans to attend.

Post on your social channels and share detailed information about the experience online. In addition to making signs and posters for your store, you might consider creating a Facebook event page and adding your function to local printed and online event calendars. Choose a Theme — Adding a theme to your community bookstore event can attract more people and help attendees get in the mood to mingle. Fun ideas include a literary theme featuring a certain book or subject, holiday-oriented themes, decades, or literary speed dating for certain age groups. You could even host with a theme of making friends versus finding a dating partner.

This is a great way to boost revenue in addition to retail sales. Make Guests Feel Welcome — Take the time to prepare for the event and make it as inviting and comfortable as possible, remembering that singles may be a little nervous starting out. Offer a few snacks, some drinks, and some possible ice breakers to help guests feel comfortable. Stock Your Bookshelves- Make sure you are prepared for your attendees to shop.

Literary Speed Dating: How Not to Find an Agent for Your Book

Several dozen literary agents are seated in a large room, while authors stand in line for the chance to make a 3-minute pitch to one agent before moving on to the next. Enticed by the Literary dating of meeting daring or 40 literary agents Literary dating a single day, hopeful authors spend hundreds of dollars to attend. Because such conferences attract large crowds of registrants, it's easy to see why organizers love pitch sessions. Authors, however, often find them to be tense, angst-filled meetings in which only the most confident can easily put their best foot forward.

Stressful for Authors and Agents "On several occasions at conferences," says Folio Literary Management's Jeff Kleinman, "someone sits down across from me, we introduce ourselves, and then the writer on the other side of the table bursts into tears.

It's a truly Literary dating and horrible feeling to be sitting there watching a Literary dating woman, carefully made up, sobbing into a wad of typescript. I guess I'm not so nice, because I say 'no' a lot -- especially when they're pitching me for something I don't handle. When that happens, I'm not only going Literqry turn down that author, I might even be grouchy Lkterary it. Says author Teresa Hayden: But rather than deal with the pressure of rejecting you to your face, they'll say something like 'Well, I don't know. For something like this, it's all in the writing.

Once I stopped congratulating myself for not fainting, farting or collapsing on the floor in a puddle of flop sweat, I realized that the only thing I'd done was risk being turned down for what I said about the book rather than the book itself. However, we soon discovered that this yielded a line of waiting authors who looked like they were about to undergo root canals, and a passel of agents who complained about how much they disliked pitch sessions. We vowed to find a better way. Pitch Sessions The next year, we offered "Skip the Pitch" sessions: