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The set list would vary from night to night, depending on the time slot Tool was allotted, but " Sober " and "Prison Sex" Sexe live a grenoble always played. Tool Toured Europe and the U. During this time, Tool's stage show began to grow and better reflect the band. During a show in London at Shepards Bush, the band had a man dressed as Jesus join them on stage. At the same show, future Tool member then member of opening band Peach Justin Chancellor joined the band for the song "Sober". Around the same time, tensions began between Keenan and D'Amour.

As in previous years, the set list would change from night-to-night for most of Tool only played a small number of shows duringbut it was a very important year for the band. Tensions were very high between Keenan and D'Amour during this time, and April 14,would be D'Amour's last live show with the band. This was also Chancellor's first show with the band.

During this year, Tool started extending "Prison Sexe live a grenoble by adding an extra verse—known by fans as "Prison Sex OTRM" "on the road mix" or "over the rainbow mix" —and the intro to "Sober", which later appeared on Salival as the track "Merkaba". Tool's stage show grew with the addition of two giant projection screens. Keenan would paint Sxe blue and white for his performances, and Chancellor would also sometimes be painted with spots. Inhe feuded with Hulk Hogan, s unlike their more famous matches in the late s, Hogan was the villain and Andre was the hero, wrestling him at Shea Stadium's Showdown at Shea and in Pennsylvania, where after Andre pinned Hogan to win the match, Hogan bodyslammed Andre much like their legendary WrestleMania III match in The feud continued in Japan in and with their roles reversed and with Antonio Inoki also involved.

InVince McMahon, Sr. The two battled on July 20,at Madison Square Garden in a match that resulted in a double disqualification. In early the two also fought in a series of matches in Japan with Arnold Skaaland in Andre's corner. He had also been cast in the film The Princess Bride. The feud began heating up again when wrestlers were named the captains of rival teams at the inaugural Survivor Series event. This allowed Hogan and Savage time to recover and eventually win the match with Hogan pinning DiBiase.

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Savage forced Ventura's hand down for the final three-count, due to Ventura's character historically being at odds with Hogan, and his unwillingness to Sdxe the x. At a television taping on December 13,the Colossal Connection defeated Demolition to win the titles. However Andre would wrestle one more time with Haku, teaming up to face Demolition on a house show in Honolulu, HI, on April 10th, Andre was knocked out of the ring and The Colossal Connection lost via countout. After the match, Andre and Haku would fight each other, marking the end of the team. Andre would win by gaining the pinfall on Smash.