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Mott was present at the meeting tdxting which the Progressive Friends left the Hicksite Quakers. Lucretia Mott's skill and fame Sfx an orator drew crowds wherever stangon went. Over tea, Stanton, the only non-Quaker present, vented a lifetime's worth of pent-up frustration, her "long-accumulating discontent" [26] about women's subservient place in society. The five women decided to hold a women's rights convention in the immediate future, while the Motts were still in the area, [2] and drew up an announcement to run in the Seneca County Courier.

The announcement began with these words: Built by a congregation of abolitionists and financed in part by Richard Hunt, [12] the chapel had been the scene of many reform lectures, and was considered the only large building in the area that would open its doors to a women's rights convention. Each woman made certain her concerns were appropriately represented among the ten resolutions that they composed. The Declaration of Sentiments was then drafted in the parlor on a round, three-legged, mahogany tea table.

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Henry Brewster Stantona lawyer, politician and Stanton's husband, helped substantiate the document by locating "extracts from laws bearing unjustly against woman's property interests. When he saw the addition of woman suffrage, Henry Stanton warned his wife "you will turn the proceedings into a farce. Because he intended to run for elective office, he left Seneca Falls to avoid being connected with a convention promoting such an unpopular cause. Even though the first session had been announced as being exclusively for women, some young children of both sexes had been brought by their mothers, and about 40 men were there expecting to attend.

The men were not turned away, but were asked to remain silent. Mary Ann M'Clintock, Jr. Stanton read the Declaration of Sentiments in its entirety, then re-read each paragraph so that Sex texting in stanton ky could be discussed at length, and changes incorporated. The question of whether men's signatures would be sought for the Declaration was discussed, with the vote looking favorable for including men, but the motion was tabled until the following day when men themselves could participate. The Declaration of Sentiments was read again and more changes were made to it.

The resolutions, now numbering eleven with Stanton's addition of women's suffrage, were read aloud and discussed. Lucretia Mott read a humorous newspaper piece written What kind of girl am i dating her sister Martha Wright in which Wright questioned why, after an overworked mother completed the myriad daily tasks that were required of her but not of her husband, she was the one upon whom written advice was "so lavishly bestowed. M'Clintock then delivered a speech, and the first day's business was called to a close. Evening speech[ edit ] In the evening, the meeting was opened to all persons, and Lucretia Mott addressed a large audience.

She asked the men present to help women gain the equality they deserved. Amelia Bloomer arrived late and took a seat in the upstairs gallery, there being none left in the main seating area. Quaker James Mott was well enough to attend, and he chaired the morning meeting; it was still too radical a concept that a woman serve as chair in front of both men and women. In regard to the grievance "He has taken from her all right in property, even to the wages she earns," Assemblyman Ansel Bascom stood to say that he had recently been at the New York State Assembly which passed the Married Woman's Property Act.

Bascom spoke at length about the property rights it secured for married women, including property acquired after marriage. One hundred of the [44] present signed the Declaration of Sentiments, including 68 women and 32 men. At the afternoon session, the eleven resolutions were read again, and each one was voted on individually. The only one that was materially questioned was the ninth, the one Stanton had added regarding women's right to vote. Resolved, that it is the duty of the women of this country to secure to themselves their sacred right to the elective franchise. Douglass projected that the world would be a better place if women were involved in the political sphere.

Douglass again rose to speak in support of the cause of woman. M'Clintock and Stanton serving. The National Reformer reported that the convention "forms an era in the progress of the age; it being the first convention of the kind ever held, and one whose influence shall not cease until woman is guaranteed all the rights now enjoyed by the other half of creation—Social, Civil and POLITICAL. If our ladies will insist on voting and legislating, where, gentleman, will be our dinners and our elbows? Where our domestic firesides and the holes in our stockings?

In Massachusetts, the Lowell Courier published its opinion that, with women's equality, "the lords must wash the dishes, scour up, be put to the tub, handle the broom, darn stockings. Louis, Missouri, the Daily Reveille trumpeted that "the flag of independence has been hoisted for the second time on this side of the Atlantic. However unwise and mistaken the demand, it is but the assertion of a natural right, and such must be conceded. During this period, women's rights leaders advocated for inclusion of universal suffrage as a civil right in the Reconstruction amendments the ThirteenthFourteenthand Fifteenth Amendments.

Despite their efforts, these amendments did nothing to promote women's suffrage. Happersett88 U. Supreme Court ruled that the Privileges or Immunities Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment did not provide or protect a right to vote to women.

Continued settlement of the western frontieralong trxting the establishment my Sex texting in stanton ky constitutionsallowed the issue to be raised continually at the state level. Through the activism of suffrage organizations and independent political parties, women's suffrage was established in the newly textingg constitutions of Wyoming TerritoryUtahand Washington Territory Anthony, among others, Sexx for a Constitutional amendment to "prohibit the several states from disenfranchising any of their citizens on the ground of sex" in Anthonyattempted several unsuccessful court challenges in the mids. Three Supreme Court decisions from to rejected this argument, so these groups shifted to advocating for a new constitutional amendment.

Sargent, who had met and befriended Anthony on a train ride inwas a dedicated women's suffrage advocate. He had frequently attempted to insert women's suffrage provisions into unrelated bills, but did not formally introduce a constitutional amendment until January Inshe succeeded Susan B. Gillett signing the constitutional amendment bill Another proposal was brought before the House on January 10, During the previous evening, President Wilson made a strong and widely published appeal to the House to pass the amendment.