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Your Dsis was good the baby as per your OPso you get designated then nure baby while Dsis english. Yes you are terrace. It was distance that he came in while we were mid or and we were pleasant what to do. I'm living this is convenient - in detailed you'd now need a male sink member to be in the using room if working.

If a parent is uncomfortable with their child using a different changing room on changd own then use the family cubicles. In our Female change rooms nude pool they are situated before you reach the male or female changing rooms. I hate it when I take my girls swimming and there are older boys in the female changing room with their mum. The boy is embarrassed, my girls, especially 9 year old, are embarrassed and refuse to shower or undress because there is a boy in the room. My pool is the same as fishtanks and there are family cubicles away from the communal changing. Actually being 41 and an old timer when I was young there was no such thing as communual changing All the cubicles were at the side of the pool Do female teachers usually supervise boys getting changed?

Female change rooms nude My mum was angry that the woman had upset my nephew, rather than taking it up with her first. However, she felt bad about him using the girl's shower. She has decided that at the moment she will continue to use the cubicles in the girl's changing rooms if it's just her but will not get nephew to have a shower. So who is being unreasonable here? In ours it is 8 and over need to go in the correct area, I think your nephew was fine. I agree in future though don't let him shower, just so he doesn't face that again, poor boy Add message Report bruffin Fri Mar Unfortunately you will get many coming on this thread with 10 or 11 years olds whose mums think they are not capable of getting changed in the mens by themselves.

Any child who is prepubescent is fine imo. Add message Report Gileswithachainsaw Fri Mar At that age I was changing by myself when I went with my step dad.

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They're actually building a new sports centre up the Femle which roooms have village changing but they'll also have family cubicles with changing facilities which the current one doesn't. However, it is hard to decide whether a child is OK to change alone as you don't know them. I always worried about DS2 because he was prone to being a complete idiot - I would have felt happier with family changing in his case but still sent him into the male changing with his brother when necessary. I wouldn't raise it with the people in the changing room but I would raise it with someone at reception on the way out to get them to clarify the rules. Your sister was minding baby.

You could have quickly changed then taken over while she changed then both dried your hair fully clothed. Your sister was in a bikini - so presumably the same thing she'd been wearing in the pool?