Dating old pianos

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At the end ofthe Eastern Daily Press very kindly did a whole-page feature on our collection, and our plight in Dating old pianos to find funding or sponsorship for a Datin museum building. I Dating old pianos a television programme about a man who collected worthless junk for years. What we have here is perhaps the pianoss equivalent, there is no cash value in the individual items, the historical value is in what they make together. At least it seems a little more reasonable to me than the man who collected live crocodiles! Inwe moved to Great Yarmouth when we were offered a large museum space in a wonderful Georgian setting, but sadly, after months of intensive preparatory work, the premises proved to be unsuitable because of problems with parking, disabled access and egress, fire regulations, legal wranglings, and differences of opinion between the residents and the local council about many things, including the previously-stipulated ground floor space, which was a matter of public record.

What seemed like a gift from heaven to house our collection for a peppercorn rent ended up with the council wanting us to invest thousands of pounds for an upstairs venue that had not been designed to fit in with modern regulations. Ironically, it was only in the process of designing displays for that museum that I really began to appreciate the scope of what we have here.

I had this image in my mind of all the pianos floating down the river! We were not troubled by flood waters, but greatly troubled by the flood Dating old pianos, which had us in a panic to get irreplaceable books and paperwork into the house, and upstairs. Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans. I began collecting musical instrument information aroundand focussed on pianos from When I left college inI realised that there were many unanswered questions about piano history, and as I began seeking them, people were already asking me for help. ByI had a shop at Lowestoft, and was writing computer software that could search through the files overnight, and print out the results while I slept.

InI began 14 years of major illness, and was given no help at all by the NHS. I was incapable of going out to work, and while my current life was showing no progress, I tried to invest in my future by working on piano history whenever I had a burst of energy.

Dating old pianos

That intermittent work laid the foundation Datiing the service we now provide every day, read by thousands of odl all around the world. The hits for Dating old pianos forum postings about Spencer pianos alone are in excess of twenty thousand. Because we have so far been unable to locate major funding or sponsorship, our active research is aimed at antique British pianos, so anything else that arrives is a matter of luck, but with growing worldwide demand, we never discard any kind of piano information, and the Piano Pianps Centre works together with the specialists in researching, Dating old pianos and storing all kinds of piano information. Pianos can have upwards of 12, individual parts, [23] supporting six functional features: The first model, known as the Pianettewas unique in that the tuning pins extended through the instrument, so it could be tuned at the front.

Are you a piano tuner or piano technician? The toy piano manufacturer Schoenhut started manufacturing both grands and uprights with only 44 or 49 keys, and shorter distance between the keyboard and the pedals. This crossed the strings, with the bass strings in the higher dating old pianos. The hammers of pianos are voiced to compensate for gradual hardening of the felt, and other parts also need periodic regulation. Usually, the date is written on the side of the bottom key. The scores for music for prepared piano specify the modifications, for example instructing the pianist to insert pieces of rubber, paper, metal screws, or washers in between the strings.

Some hollows are much simpler, and held in place by a screw each end. Fine piano tuning carefully assesses the interaction among all notes of the chromatic scale, different for every piano, and thus requires slightly different pitches from any theoretical standard.