Dating antique tea caddies

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Dating Antique Tea Caddies

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Tea Dating antique tea caddies of the 18th and. Here you will find antique terms. T covering everything from does just hook up work table to tin glaze to tyg. Crouthamel Hannah Crouthamel It seems like I have been an antique dealer. It has been ascertained Dating antique tea caddies pictorial representations of early 18th century tea drinking that this cap was used to dispense the tea into the pot. Lockable wooden boxes, some quite ornately decorated, were produced in which a pair of caddies could be kept securely.

These boxes were in use by the reign of Geo II as can be seen from the following: He makes the observation; "the Invention of small Chests and Trunks, with Lock and Key, wherein they keep the Tea and Sugar, without which it is impossible for the Waiting maid to live It should be noted that some experts make the claim that the central compartment or container in these boxes was for blending the teas. However, although there is evidence that Thomas Twining, one of the earliest purveyors of loose tea, was blending tea as early as the reign of George I, there is no evidence that it was blended at the table and the above extract from Swift's "Directions to Servants" shows quite clearly that the third container was for sugar.

Caddies were being made in pairs because by the end of the 17th century not only Hyson green tea was being imported from China but also Bohey black tea and it was considered desirable to have both on offer at the tea table. Sometimes caddies were engraved with the letter 'H' on one and the letter 'B' on the other so that the same sort of tea was always kept in the same caddy. By this date the narrow neck has been replaced by a hinged or lift off lid so that some way of transferring the tea from the caddy to the pot was necessary. Teaspoons had been introduced by the end of the 17th century and it must be assumed that these were used as 'caddy spoons' since the spoon specially designed for this purpose was not made until the seventeen seventies.

Pair of tea caddies by John Kincard London Some of the boxes made to contain a pair of caddies were, as can be seen in the above quotation from Jonathan Swift, also provided with a glass bowl in which sugar, which was also an expensive commodity, was kept and occasionally a set of three matching silver containers can be found showing that sugar was considered an essential part of the tea drinking ceremony by this date.