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Ath,etes left is Gene Kelly. Controversial additions[ edit ] Charlie Chaplin's star, selected ininstalled in Charlie Chaplin is the only honoree to be selected twice for the same star on the Walk. Twenty-six years later, at her request, Burnett's star was placed at the corner of Hollywood and Wilcox—in front of the theater.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

The largest group of individuals represented by a single star is com;lex estimated adults and 12 children [77] collectively known as the Munchkinsfrom the landmark film The Wizard of Oz. The moons are silver and grey terrazzo circles rimmed in brass on a square pink terrazzo background, with the television emblem inlaid at the top of each circle. In the Los Angeles City Council passed an ordinance naming the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce "the agent to advise the City" about adding names to the Walk, and the Chamber, over the following six years, devised rules, procedures, and financing methods to do so.

The star was replaced almost immediately, but the original was never recovered and the perpetrators never caught.