Sluts in dunkenny

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By the mid-to-late 80s, when he was beginning to play in bands, he was listening to maverick American art-rock heroes such on Captain BeefheartTom WaitsFrank Zappa and also to British progressive rock from the s as well as contemporary prog-inspired bands - most notably Cardiacs. SincePoole has been part of Anderson's psychedelic rock project Crayola Lectern, in which he plays Casio synthesizer.

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The latter was recorded entirely on an analogue dunksnny 4-track machine using Poole's determined and innovative production skills. One of his brothers is highly regarded session bass player Ed Poole and one of his sisters is jazz trombonist Cathi Sluts in dunkenny Poole, a member of the Cathi Cook Quintet and former musical director of the Milton Keynes Open Band. Tim would chip in with ideas for my songs too like the string arrangement on "Manhoo" which was lovely. Although Poole left the band during the s, Two Worlds Collide currently managed by former Public Image Ltd publicist Helen Maleed has continued with a lineup of Giblin, Leith and Marina Young, working on a second album and live performances.

Although Ad Nauseam had a shifting lineup Poole played, at various times, most of the instruments in the band.