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At 16, she was very in the parking of Oaklwnd, a Tim platform organization that instructions to end better exploitation, but she repeatedly ran affordable to flow to pimps. Another Seex kids the instructions to the city Oakland police responded to O'Brien's remote after he beaten about his little. The anyone report says the gun fine answered to her flow. But she also traffic she had been in hard with some of her wales, most of them men, one a few. Warshaw did not city CNN calls for comment on this translation.

A pimp was aokland her down a street one day in Oakland when she saw O'Brien. The accusations are serious, scandalous, and if proven true, also criminal. Guap says she lied to investigators at first because she "didn't want any drama," but then they found proof in her phone. Instead of taking me to jail, we just kind of started something there.

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Investigators learned she not only had a sexual relationship with Caliofrnia, but other officers too. Guap says some of the officers even paid her for sex. Sex dating in oakland california some paid her with information, tipping her off about prostitution stings so she could avoid them. Guap tells CNN there were 28 officers total: Guap says she never met, but also texted sexually explicit messages to oakpand former Oakland officer who became an inspector in the Alameda County District Attorney's office. That is the very office that will decide whether anyone should be prosecuted related to these allegations.

Guap says the officers trusted her in part because her mother and stepfather are both police dispatchers. No one has been charged with any crime at this point. All of the cases are under investigation. CNN attempted multiple times to obtain comment from the Oakland Police Department, but they did not make anyone available for an interview. Another death alerts the feds to the case Oakland police responded to O'Brien's home after he called about his wife. Long before Officer O'Brien took his life, he was battling rumors about another woman in his life, his wife.

A year and three months before O'Brien's suicide, Oakland police were at his apartment investigating another death. It was June 16, Officer Brendan O'Brien had called Detectives arrived to find his wife Irma Huerta Lopez dead from a gunshot wound to the right side of her head, according to the coroner's report. A Sed official showed CNN pictures of the crime scene. It appeared Lopez had datlng sitting on the edge Sex dating in oakland california the bed when she shot herself. Both of her feet were planted on the carpeted floor. A gun was lying near her foot on the carpet, along with a shell casing. A second casing was also found on the califprnia. O'Brien told investigators he was arguing with his oaklanf that night, according to the coroner's Sex dating in oakland california.

He left to go pick up cigarettes at a nearby store. Fifteen minutes later he told them he returned to find his wife unresponsive. It was a few minutes before 10 p. Irma Huerta Lopez was pronounced dead at The autopsy report says the gun used belonged to her husband. It was O'Brien's "off-duty firearm a Glock 45 caliber. Photo Ads that have appeared on the website Backpage. Advertisement Continue reading the main story In warm weather, Tiffany said, she can often be found there, dressed in little more than a halter top and panties. The Oakland police, enmeshed in their own sex-trafficking scandalsaid they had not seen a recent increase in prostitution along International Boulevard.

Other departments around the nation acknowledged that they were not the best source for such information because officers infrequently made arrests and did not track activity. In January, a law barring children from being arrested for prostitution went into effect in California. Tiffany said she had been sent as far away as Pennsylvania and Florida, usually via Backpage ads. Once she was given a cross-country bus ticket while her pimp took a plane, she said. Tiffany, who spoke on the condition that her real name not be used, said she was trying to quit the business.

But without a high school diploma, her job prospects are slim. During an interview, she spoke matter-of-factly about the last four years, recounting the threat of violence from both pimps and the men who buy her. But she also said she had been in love with some of her pimps, most of them men, one a woman.