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PEP consists of two or three antiretroviral medicines prescribed on the basis of your likely exposure risk. These medicines keep HIV from making copies of itself and turning into infection. To be effective, PEP must begin as soon as possible, but always within 72 hours 3 days of a possible exposure. Keep in mind that PEP should only be used in situations right after Free casual sex in dallas tx 75246 potential exposure. It is not a substitute for other proven HIV prevention methods, such as correct and consistent condom use. Because there still may be some risk of HIV infection, you should continue to use condoms with sex partners while taking PEP.

This will help avoid spreading the virus to others if you do become infected. Can I get vaccinated to prevent HIV? There is currently no vaccine that will prevent HIV infection or treat those who have it. Can I use microbicides to prevent HIV? Microbicides are gels, films, or suppositories that can kill or neutralize viruses and bacteria. Researchers are studying both vaginal and rectal microbicides to see if they can prevent sexual transmission of HIV, but none are currently available for use. If you are living with HIV, antiretroviral therapy ART reduces the amount of virus viral load in your blood and body fluids. ART can dramatically improve your health and extend your life, but there are also prevention benefits to treatment: If you have an undetectable viral load you are much less likely to infect others through sex or sharing needles.

However, the risk of spreading infection is still not zero, which means that you should still use other prevention methods, such as condoms. Stay in care and always take your medicine when and how you are supposed to. Viral load refers to the amount of HIV in the blood. The goal of antiretroviral therapy ART is to reduce viral load, ideally to an undetectable level. It also reduces the chance of transmitting the virus to a sexual or drug-using partner who is HIV-negative.

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However, people with an undetectable viral load still have HIV in their body, which means there is a chance that they can transmit HIV through sex or caxual needles or injection equipment. An HIV-positive person can infect cawual partner cssual if they have an undetectable viral dwllas, Free casual sex in dallas tx 75246 HIV may Frer found in genital fluids e. The viral load test only measures virus in blood. Although antiretroviral therapy also lowers viral load in genital fluids, HIV can sometimes be present in genital fluids even when it cxsual undetectable in Free casual sex in dallas tx 75246 blood. Your viral load may go up between tests.

Sexually transmitted infections STIs increase viral load in genital fluids. How can I prevent getting HIV from czsual use? Injecting drugs, including hormones, steroids, or silicone, can transmit HIV directly through needles or equipment works. In addition, some drugs, such as ni, cocaine, or on, may put kn at risk for HIV by lowering your inhibitions and making you more likely to engage in risky behavior. The best way to reduce your risk of HIV is to stop using drugs. If you cannot stop using drugs, talk with your doctor or health care provider, counselor, loved one, or someone else you trust about getting into a treatment program.

Find a treatment facility near you or call HELP If you are injecting drugs and believe you cannot stop using yet, here are some other ways to reduce your risk of getting HIV or spreading it to others: Use only new needles, syringes, and other injection equipment works, such as cookers, cotton, or water each time you inject. Many communities have programs where you can get new needles and syringes, new injection works, and other new supplies, as well as health care services. Use only new syringes that come from reliable sources e. Never share needles, syringes, or other injection works.

Clean used needles and syringes with bleach only when new ones are not available. Bleaching a used needle and syringe may reduce the risk of HIV but does not eliminate the risk. Needle and syringe programs often provide free bleach kits and can teach you how to use the kit. Use sterile water to prepare drugs. You can buy sterile water from a store. If sterile water is not available, you can use water that has been boiled for 10 minutes or clean tap or bottled water. Clean the injection site with a new alcohol swab before you inject. Dispose of needles and syringes safely after one use. Use a sharps container or make sure to keep used needles and syringes away from other people.

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