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However, after gathering the assesn available on Hans Peter Lund, I have come to the conclusion that this is incorrect. The, and census, and his burial record, all place his fot of birth at circa ; further the Dating sider for unge under 18 assens states that he David taylor xxx born in Odense! No baptism record Datinf found for a aszens Peter Lund" in Odense's three parish registers. Hans Garnison's parish register. It seems likely to me that the Hans Peter born in to Christen Petersen Lunde and Mette Hansdatter Buch is the 16 year old "Hans Peter Christensen" - born circa - who can be found in the census of Assens, see below.

From the census of Assens township: Poul Nielsen Welberg, 56, Gift, husbonde, handskemager. Ane Bertelsdatter, 68, Gift, hans kone. Karen Andersdatter, 12, Ugift, tienestefolk. The above census tells us that Hans Peter Christensen was the student learning the glover trade from Poul Nielsen Welberg. This would make it impossible for him to become a master shoemaker by the end ofas he would first have to be a student, then a journeyman, before obtaining master status! The earliest mentions of Hans Peter Lund in the Assens register are in three baptism records in June, July and August ofwherein he is named as "Skomagersvend Hans Peder" - no patronymic or family-name is mentioned.

The first time he is known by the name "Hans Peter Lund" is when he obtained his burgher license in Assens on December 18, The Nyborg shoemaker guild records do not yield any further information on his patrymony. Morten Lauridsen Brynch in Latin: Morten tried to exchange the old vicarage for a smaller building nearby, but did not succeed to do so before his death in The new priest, Didrich Carstensen Colding, built a whole new vicarage, which was later used by his successors. Rasmus Pedersen Ravn, who according to Dr. Zahrtmann wasn't even on Bornholm until the late s, is described in a letter regarding the property of the vicarage as having been involved in the building of the new vicarage.

We know that in Michel Nielsen Nosebye referred to Rasmus as being his "svoger" brother-in-lawand at that time was married to Christine. A note in "Series Pastorum" tells us that Michel Nielsen Nosebye was not elected "Provst" Dean circaafter Jens Pedersen Borringholm, because he had been married three times in which was a plague year - however, the names of these wives was not recorded. It is written that Michel Nielsen Nosebye was married and widowed a total of 5 times. Aage Dahl interpreted the note by Jacob Prahl as saying he was married 2 times, and mentions no date; he also has Peder Jensen Borringholm as Dean until circa Further, he is not mentioned anywhere as a schoolmaster, chaplan, etc.

If Didrich Carstensen Colding had not brought with him a wife, but instead married the widow of his predecessor Morten Brynch, then her children were his step-children. Rasmus Ravn's wife Mette's birth year of circa places her in the time of Morten Brynch. Morten Brynch first came to Bornholm circaand he certainly could have married a local Bornholmer girl and thus be the father of Mette.

Christine must have married Michel Nielsen Nosebye sometime betweenand her youngest child was born in - so Christine must have been born between So Christine could be the daughter of either Morten or Didrich: Morten's widow could very easily have been born circaand thus about 40 years old when Morten Brynch died in So possibly Mette born c. If this is the case, then Michel Nielsen Nosebye and Christine could not have been married inbut rather circa This makes sense, since the only 2 children we know of for Michel and Christine are: Of course, there was the plague year of which killed so many people, so possibly their older children all died of the plague? The reliability of a note about Michel Nosebye's marriages written years after the event is rather questionable.

It seems probable that Mette is the daughter of Morten Brynch - but there is no solid evidence for this yet or perhaps ever. This would mean that if Michel Nosebye was married Dating sider for unge under 18 assens times in then both wives names are unknown. This would make Christine his 4th wife, for a total of six marriages! Most likely there is an error, and it was just his 1st wife Anne Frandsdatter who died inhe remarried in and his 2nd wife died circa Didrich's 1st wife the widow of Morten Brynch might have died circa and he then married Christine Staffensdatter. And the man who would later become Didrich's son-in-law Michel Nielsen Nosebye's wife Anne Frandsdatter diedand he also remarried in Hense the later confusion over the year !

The notes made in the "Series pastorum" in by Jacob Nielsen Prahl, the priest for Svaneke-Ibsker who was also a writer and teacheris generally considered of high quality. Most of the old documents are now lost, but Prahl may have based his entries on now lost documentation, so maybe the note is supposed to be understood as Michel Nosebye having tried to become "Provst" Dean after Jens Pedersen Borringholm stepped down in the mids, but wasn't considered because he had already been married three times by then, and then mentions the year because there was now lost documentation that Michel Nosebye had lost a wife and been remarried that year? Possibly Prahl simply meant that Michel Nosebye didn't become Dean in the mids because of three marriages, among them one having taken place in ?

Possibly both deaths and marriages in were later erroneously attributed to Michel Nielsen Nosebye? Michel's 2nd unknown wife might not have died until circaand it was then that he married Didrich's daughter Christine? Possibly the real reason he was denied the position of Dean was because it was considered that a young woman barely out of her teens would not make a proper wife for Bornholm's Dean; there must have been a few middle aged, dignified priest wives who weren't too happy about the possibility of being made lesser in rank than a woman 20 plus years their junior! And why Christine named a son Didrich in - after her father!

Possibly Didrich had a Funch ancestor - his mother or father, or one of his grandparents? Although to make things complicated one great-grandson, Lars Didrichsendid use the name Funch when he was married in ; however, his name is just given as Lars Didrichsen for his burial record in Hans Laursen incorrectly given the name of Klov is said by some sources to be the son of Laurids Jensen Wedle c. There is possibly some confusion regarding the name of Laurids Jensen Wedle's daughter: Quistgaard states that in Laurids Christensen Borringholm had a wife named Inger.

It is uncertain when Laurids Jensen Wedle fully retired from the position. Laurids Jensen Wedle was very much alive inso it is possibly the original record only read "Inger Hr. Possibly Quistgaard had assumed that Laurids Jensen Wedle had fully retired in when Laurids Christensen took over the position of pastor? And therefore the clergyman in question must be Laurids Christensen? Laurids Jensen Wedle was married to Inger [Lund? Inger's probate in tells us that she had 2 sons and 2 daughters: A deceased daughter Inger?

It is possible that the children are all from her marriage to Laurids Jensen Wedle, or that the three elder children are from a previous marriage, and that Mette is a daughter from her marriage to Laurids Jensen Wedle.

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sieer This arrangement of events fits better with aasens known evidence and the later claims by the island's elders, as written in the "Series Pastorum" in the s, that the above sdier individuals were family. Anne's third marriage was to his successor to the Dating sider for unge under 18 assens of clergyman for Svaneke-Ibsker, namely Michel Nielsen Nosebye c. Furthermore, it is quite in keeping with the practice of the time for asens step-daughter of a clergyman to have a marriage arranged with another clergyman on Bornholm.

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