Looking for an immoral way to pass the day

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For instance, when deciding whether or not to lie to someone for one's own advantage, one is fkr to imagine what the world would be like if everyone always lied, and successfully so. In such a world, there would be no purpose in lying, for everybody would expect deceit, rendering wat universal maxim of lying whenever it is to your advantage absurd. Thus, Kant argues that one should not lie under any circumstance. Another example would imnoral if trying to decide whether suicide is moral or immoral; imagine if everyone committed suicide. Since mass international suicide would not be a good thing, the act of suicide is immoral. Kant's moral framework, however, operates under the overarching maxim that you should treat each person as an end in themselves, not as a means to an end.

This overarching maxim must be considered when applying the four aforementioned steps. This was based on the idea that men and women often think differently and would react to moral dilemmas in different ways. Some researchers hypothesized that women would favor care reasoning, meaning that they would consider issues of need and sacrifice, while men would be more inclined to favor fairness and rights, which is known as justice reasoning. To reduce situational differences and discern how both genders use reason in their moral judgments, they therefore ran the tests on parenting situations, since both genders can be involved in child rearing. At least this research shows that a division in terms of morality does not actually exist, and that reasoning between genders is the same in moral decisions.

Quiz: how immoral are you?

Neural foundations of moral reasoning and antisocial behavior. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 1 3 NebraskaU. Retrieved 21 July Culture and the quest for universal principals in moral reasoning. International Journal of Psychology, 46 3 Journal of Healthcare, Science and the Humanities, 1 1 I know men and women who do. That the senator is a woman does not make the bill any less targeted at women. As Reuben Abati wrote in the Nigerian Guardian: They do not talk about indecent dressing among men.

Many Nigerians have pointed out how silly the bill is when we have serious problems with power, health, education, roads, water. Still, to offer these alternatives is to give the bill a legitimacy of sorts. If we solved these serious problems, would it then be acceptable to punish a woman in a putative democracy who chooses to wear a miniskirt?

Vh1 dating show 2012 bill is, in a larger sense, about societies for whom women are safe pas, and Nigeria is only one example. The country is too, and we must legislate morality by imprisoning women in miniskirts. Most Nigerians use "immoral" to mean sexual. They rarely use the word to refer to real immorality: Even challengers of the bill have mostly agreed that Looking for an immoral way to pass the day might be a good thing to regulate immoral dressing, but best to leave it to private organisations. This is the populist way to reason in a country where a majority of people choose to be rigidly conservative when it is convenient.

But is dressing ever really an issue of morality? I was once asked to leave my church in Nsukka because my blouse had short sleeves I refused ; apparently my bare arms would tempt the otherwise pious men. The road is clear. Your car is fast and safe and you are stone-cold sober. You raced through some roadworks at 80 when the limit was 40… and a speedcam caught you doing it. Now your licence is in danger. You want to see Ted, the new movie about the man who has a talking teddy-bear that swears, fights and hires call-girls. But talk in a really deep voice if anyone asks your age. We can all watch it here at home!

You go for a weekend in the country with some friends. They suggest a trip to the charming local pub. You agree to be the driver.