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If one person is an year old adult and the other is a year old minor, should the older individual be subject to sex offender penalties? Moreover, now consider a scenario where the older individual graduates, returns as a teacher or substitute, and rekindles the relationship with the younger person now 18, an adult. Should this be illegal? Again, should the older individual be deemed a sex offender? Some believe that even if the high school student is 18, this should be considered a sex offense. In this situation, the older person is in a Free casual dating in syria va 22743 of authority, where consent may not be sufficiently voluntary.

The argument is that most parents would challenge this kind of romantic relationship - even if it were consensual. Under current Virginia laws, this is considered illegal only when the student is younger than 18 years of age. At least 11 other states have created mandates against student-teacher relationships - regardless of consent and age. The commission is formulating a criminal statute that addresses this grey area. According to sources, the commission seeks to create legislation that is fair and protects the best interests of the student. Sex offenses in Virginia While the aforementioned scenarios may seem rare, they can occur.

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Don’t stand so close to me: Sex crimes in Virginia

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