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This is a homage to older times when gymnasiums were known as "Latin schools" due to the prominent role of Latin at the time. Other traditions regarding the black cap exist as well, but there are no official restrictions: This covers the necessary basis for further studies and is completed by an examination the upper secondary school exit examination. The Dating med niveau thisted secondary school exit examination, called studentereksamen in Danish, qualifies the student for admission to higher education, subject to regulations.

In the later phases of the instruction, the teacher and the students plan the work together. Instruction in the individual classes is co-ordinated with a view to achieving a coherence between the different subjects and a suitable distribution of the student's workload. Examinations are usually either oral or written and in most cases the student is allowed to use all types of aids except for communication with other people. Some examinations allow preparation at home while others give a set amount of time for preparation at the gymnasium which is then immediately followed by the actual examination. Examinations in other subjects are chosen each year by the Ministry of Education for the individual student.

The title of the examination taken at the end of the Gymnasium is the "Studentereksamen". Students, who have passed the "studentereksamen", are presented with a certificate, which contains the following information: The certificate is signed by the headmaster of the Gymnasium where the examination has been taken. Certificates are drawn up by the Ministry of Education. Only one original certificate may be issued.

A copy, including a translated certificate the certificate is translated into English, German and French must be designated 'copy'. A teacher usually holds a combined master's degree in two different subjects which are the only subjects which that teacher is qualified to teach. Mex the same time, the entrance exam at university Dating med niveau thisted self-taught people was abolished. This system was jiveau changed inwhere the students in their second year were able to choose more freely between a variety of subjects a student could for instance have both a language and a scientific subject at the highest level, even if he had originally chosen the mathematical line of study.

More lines of study, decided by each gymnasium itself, were offered, and it was generally perceived to give a greater amount of customisability to the students. Instead of choosing a line of study when enrolling, the students now only let the school know what line they intend to choose, and the final decision is made after half a year of introduction to the different faculties primarily the artslanguages and natural science. Furthermore, a wide range of general subjects, like for instance social studieswere made mandatory. Taste is medium sweet, cocoa, light roast, faint alcohol. Smooth, soft, medium-full body.

Gymnasium (Denmark)

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