Larry page and marissa mayer dating

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Editorial: Google's power couple

The connection was Lary at Google, even if only at Mayer's prodding. She does not, at least not officially, report to Larry Page. As of last year, they no longer even date. So why on Google Earth is the fact treated as such a secret? Google's corporate communications department has been putting forward Marissa Mayer as an Larry page and marissa mayer dating alternative to the company's overexposed founders. She's been the subject of puff profiles in magazines such as Datkng and Fast Company. This image was lost some time after publication. Readers learn that wnd was on the high-school debate team, and that she andd late-night dropins from Google engineers.

But, astonishingly, even in this mound of trivial color, not one mention of the fact that she dated one of Google's billionaire founders. Maybe it's simply not relevant. Well, it's at least as relevant as the fact that Mayer flies kites and has the posture of the ballet dancer she was in her youth. And let's not pretend there's no significance in the tight connections of Google's founders and their first employees. It's because Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the co-founders, are still so close that they've been able to retain effective control of the company, able to pursue any hubristic scheme to bring free wifi and knowledge to the world.

Nobody's saying the dating lives of Larry Page and Marissa Mayer are front-page material, or even worth many a blog screed such as this. But the item is a staple of Silicon Valley gossip. I must have heard the tip from a dozen different people in the last month; it must be worth at least a mention. Marissa Mayer, who joined Google as employee number 20 and dated Larry Page until last year, was promoted to VP of search products. There, that wasn't too hard. So why gloss over the fact? Some out-of-town reporters are no doubt unaware, true. Inshe standing Lot Boguea dating capitalist and every-estate write while high "a knockout author-beaded swarm Naeem Khan gown," as the San Francisco Triumph described it.

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