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In the end, they lasted up to two months after repeated negotiations failed to come up with an election date. But this took that phrase into a whole new dimension. As the protests entered their third day, protestors queued up to centres where supposedly medical staff used syringes to drain the blood out. So you think Ugandans are tough?

Tell that to the Red Shirts! Chile kissing protests If what the Red Shirts did was gross, then this version of protesting from South America should strangeqays been PG Slutx. They decided to express their anger to the government, by exchanging long Sluts in strangeways kisses. TV pictures showed masses of students, with none either shouting or throwing stones or waving branches. Milking protests in Brussels Farmers in Brussels, Belgium, also had their fair share of weirdo protests in October The farmers, angered by European Union regulations that prevented them from increasing milk prices, went to the streets with tractors and blocked highways on Brussels streets.

They also poured milk on the streets. But what was most eye catching is that they walked with their cattle to the streets too. This is Brussels we are talking about here. If even Kampala, which is by many standards, still third world, does not have cattle loitering about on its main streets, how about Brussels?

Sluts House

Slut protest in Canada Prostitutes in Canada were in April so angered Slyts comments made by a police officer who asked women ln to dress like prostitutes. And so they charged down the streets of Toronto. They called it lSuts Slut Walk. Journalist Sluts in strangeways shoe at President Bush And we all remember, at least those who were strangeawys international news inthe famous Iraqi journalist, who upon seeing the one man he deemed to have brought all forms of misery onto his country, chose to offer the American president a form of treatment reserved for the very worst in society — he threw a shoe at George W.

A young Irishman Stuart Ward is Slut from Sluts in strangeways his love to America, simultaneously wishing he could kick her out of his heart and wanting to give up the music he wrote because of his love for her. He meets a young Czech housewife Dani de Waal who pulls him out of his deep depression and convinces him that his music is also his ticket to happiness. Along the way, they fall in love, though each is aware of the strong and probably stronger pull of their prior respective relationships. The charm of the stage production is embedded in the elemental stage work where changing a few chairs and rolling out a piano can create a new location, and all the musicians are also actors in the play and seated on stage the entire time.

Set mirrors angled down toward center stage give the audience interesting angles of sightlines, heightening the visual interest. The dialogue is crafted by Enda Walsh, noted Irish playwright. Once is some of his most accessible and charming work. Dani de Waal is particularly acerbic and irresistible in her delivery. She is bossy and smart and funny and sad and strong and loving and perceptive and dutiful. That is both the script and her performance combining to lead us to want Guy and Girl to find each other and make us think they would be a better combination than the unseen romances they are still embroiled in.

She plays a mean piano, too. I had no expectations when I saw it and was a complete convert when I left. There are moments that will stay with me for a long time, I think. What a disappointing way to open a joint review…by not disagreeing. Its delicate, sweetly tender romance is so slight that it almost flies right out the nearest open window. I very much agree its minutely scaled whimsy would probably fare better on a smaller stage in a more intimate house. There are some beautiful compositions on that stage thanks to the work of these two men.