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As various historians tell it, Hearst's motives haked less an act of concern over the nation's youth than profit, with a smidgen of vindictiveness mixed in.

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In the mid- to late-'30s, Hearst's papers printed endless sensational articles linking pot smoking to the spread of minority crime sprees, hypnotic jazz voodoo, premarital sex Robert torti naked the dissolution of Christian values -- a piece of history "Reefer Madness" brings up time and again. For there's something slyly rolled within Showtime's first movie musical, beyond the promise of intoxicating parody, dancing and singing about the joys and horrors of the demon weed. But if you did, you'd be scandalized. If only that film's writers and directors knew that decades after its release, many of its target audience would watch it in dorm rooms, at hemp festivals and midnight movies, often within easy reach of a doobie.

The musical is probably everything the creators of the original "Reefer Madness" feared most: It's an absurdly pastel cartoon -- and we mean that figuratively and, in a short animated sequence, literally -- that belittles our obsessive criminalization of marijuana and meets the original's fear-mongering inaccuracies with over-the-top shocks of the violence and gore.